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We’re excited to learn about your business and share how you can rent one of our kitchens. After an initial 30-min video call, we’d be delighted to organise a site tour.

Deliver some of our brands from your kitchen.

It’s like adding multiple new restaurants to your existing one. Same staff, same space, same equipment; but extra revenues


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The best locations for the best restaurants

Cook our proven brands in your kitchens for delivery

Run multiple restaurants from existing kitchens

We are here to build a world where restaurants and brands can finally win at delivery. A world where we can order great food without destroying our planet or health.

Our Story

Growing with the best food brands

Merging our love for food with data

We use our data and technology to accurately match Host Kitchens with Brands, taking our food to people we know will be hungry for it! We leverage analytics to help run our brands efficiently, maximising ratings, prep time and other operational metrics.

  • +81% Overall Score
  • 89% Demand Score
  • +78% Supply Score
  • 160M Total Spend

For hosts: cook multiple brands with ease

We help our Hosts achieve great customer ratings and operational metrics, making our brands the #1 choice of customers.

  • Revenue 66100 13.72%
  • Orders 3998 14.5%
  • Rejected Orders 7 -33.3%
  • Ratings 4.53 3.8%

See it all

From revenue tracking to customer feedback, our dashboard provides you with all the data you’ll need to grow your food business.

Our Story

For brands: earn royalties with no effort

We partner with real, proven restaurants who put in the hard work to build a brand and menu that works. It’s time to sit back, relax and let us do the legwork to scale the brand to 100s of locations, earning royalties on all.

Your brand is in safe hands

Carefully selected Host Kitchens with great safety ratings. The Host chefs are rigorously trained by our Culinary Team to handle your brands with accuracy and care. Everything is monitored and run by our team with transparent reporting to make your brand the choice of customers over and over again.


“They have brilliant hubs in the best areas with great in-house support. The revenue is really stable throughout the year.”

Tim Vasilakis Founder & CEO

Deliver where there’s appetite.