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Connect with our sales team.

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Add up to £20m in delivery sales within the first year.

The best restaurant brands trust Growth Kitchen to take their delivery sales to the next level. Become the next one.

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Food delivery maturity created a huge opportunity for category-leading brands. Don't miss it.

Delivery apps now cover 90% of all towns and cities in the UK. Consumers in less populated areas want great brands too. However, restaurant brands are not opening sites in these locations with a traditional restaurant or delivery-kitchen model because it wouldn’t make sense. Hence the need for Growth Kitchens.

Our delivery model is simple and proven.

Growth Kitchen franchises category leading restaurant brands, and scale them through a network of Growth Kitchens: highly curated kitchen operators, who are trained and closely managed to ensure that sales & quality KPIs are met, and the brand reputation protected.

Our host kitchen operators

Our ratings and operational KPIs are consistent with the brands' directly operated locations.

Everyone wants to be known for providing excellent customer service, but not everyone delivers it. We built technology and strict management processes that enable us to deliver customer ratings in par with our restaurant brands’ directly operated locations. We have dedicated teams to train, monitor, and coach our network of operators, and keep delivery and brand KPIs consistently high.

Food delivery experts

We combine brand power and delivery infrastructure to create next-generation food companies. You build your brand, menu, and supply chain; we take you to the next level by scaling it to 100s of delivery-only locations. We use data to retain control on quality at every step, while maximising sales and royalties.

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It all starts here

Before launching, we'll make sure that your brand is a fit for the Growth Kitchen model. To make this possible, beyond a powerful brand, and a unique, popular and delivery-friendly offering, you need a simple and affordable supply chain, and good delivery rates.


We spend time together to deeply understand your brand and all the operational details behind it.


We work with your team to create a custom franchise playbook that includes comprehensive information about how to successfully operate your brand for delivery (e.g. general information about the brand, kitchen set-up, preparation, cooking and assembly, supply chain, shelf life, and food safety, etc).


We pilot your brand in a small selection of locations to confirm the potential for commercial success and fin-tune the playbooks.


We roll-out your brand across our network, with stage gates to ensure successful expansion.

Become a GK Brand

Cook smiling in a delivery kitchen
Yoon Foods

“The Athenian brand boosted our orders and profits immediately. Simple to integrate, it's brought new energy to our kitchen.”

David Founder & CEO

Deliver where there’s appetite.