Rent a Kitchen

We’re excited to learn about your business and share how you can rent one of our kitchens. After an initial 30-min video call, we’d be delighted to organise a site tour.

Deliver some of our brands from your kitchen.

It’s like adding multiple new restaurants to your existing one. Same staff, same space, same equipment; but extra revenues


Partner with us

Grow where there’s appetite.

Join our bold food brands taking delivery to the next level.

License your brand

A delivery model you can get behind

Don’t use half measures when it comes to your delivery strategy, go all in with a partner who can help you open and operate out of reliable host kitchens to grow quickly and profitably.

Locations you’ll get a taste for

There’s no point in cooking for customers if no one is ordering or nobody is around to deliver it. Our technology has decoded the supply-demand gap so you don’t have to. Now you can be certain we will expand your brand in the right postcodes.

Operations you can trust

Everyone wants to be known for providing excellent customer service, but not everyone understands how to deliver it. To us being honest, upfront, efficient and hot on operational excellence is a no-brainer and if something goes wrong we sort it, immediately.

Food delivery experts

Brand owners are artists; Growth Kitchen are geeks. We combine the two to create next-generation food companies. You build your brand, menu, and supply chain; we take you to the next level by scaling it to 100s of delivery-only locations. We use data to retain control on quality at every step, while maximising sales and royalties.

License your brand

It all starts here

Launching a host kitchen is quick and hassle-free. We agree on locations and keep you posted on launches.


We’ll give you a visit to understand your operations in action.


We turn your equipment list and any brand guidelines into scalable playbooks.


We’ll start promoting your brand, rolling it out to our network of host kitchens.


We train a few locations together and take care of the rest.

Become a GK Brand


“They have brilliant hubs in the best areas with great in-house support. The revenue is really stable throughout the year.”

Tim Vasilakis Founder & CEO

Deliver where there’s appetite.