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We’re excited to learn about your business and share how you can rent one of our kitchens. After an initial 30-min video call, we’d be delighted to organise a site tour.

Deliver some of our brands from your kitchen.

It’s like adding multiple new restaurants to your existing one. Same staff, same space, same equipment; but extra revenues


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Our Story

We exist to accelerate our transition to a sustainable diet

We are building a platform that allows sustainability-conscious restaurants to grow and compete with large fast-food chains.

Born out of a need for tasty and better food options while traveling in more remote places as consultants, Máté and Tom knew there must be a way to do much better on delivery — that didn’t leave you with a food hangover under piles of plastic food delivery waste.

Tom & Máté

Our Vision

We see a world where ambitious restaurant brand owners can scale their brands the way a large chain does.

We believe there needs to be a transition from the old (barely working) way of doing things, to a better future for us all.

We are here to work with ambitious food brands to accelerate our transition to a sustainable diet. Our platform of Host Kitchens enables top restaurant brands to outsource the scaling of delivery to us, bringing them to our living rooms across the country.

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Ronny Shibley CTO & co-founder

“Within 5-minutes of visiting one of Growth Kitchen’s hubs, I knew I had finally found the team that had cracked fresh food delivery. They have the tech to find and onboard strategic locations fast while attracting top food brands who want to keep scaling with them."

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