Growth Kitchen and The Athenian announce strategic partnership to expand delivery operations

The preferential partnership will enable even faster rollout of digital restaurants across the UK.

London, 6th May 2022 — Growth Kitchen, the leading food-tech startup operating smart satellite kitchen networks, today announces that it has entered into a multi-site agreement with Greek street food player, The Athenian further to record-breaking sales.

Using its expansion tool, which includes spend data, average transaction size and demographic and competitive data, Growth Kitchen will provide The Athenian with premium kitchens in select areas with delivery demand in 10 sites this year and dozens of sites in London and the wider UK by 2023. The unique collaboration means that The Athenian will have a repeatable model that makes delivery more profitable, consistent and efficient.

With its simple and authentic, delivery-optimised menu, The Athenian already has a proven model within Growth Kitchen’s Balham hub, achieving month-on-month growth in average weekly sales for the past 6 consecutive months with 3 of the 6 months seeing double-digit growth. This partnership is an opportunity for The Athenian to achieve self financial growth, without the need for large loans to fund their growth rate.

“We were looking for a more feasible way to grow our delivery operations. At the same time, we needed a professional, independent partner that shared our growth ambitions and could unlock the best locations with the most demand,” said Tim Vasilakis, Founder & CEO of The Athenian. “Growth Kitchen’s expansion tool was really impressive and the potential to see areas where people want to order food, but can’t get great supply, alongside other demographic and competitive data will give us the confidence we are growing in the right places and help us scale faster.”

“We are thrilled to be the partner that The Athenian can rely on to provide a consistent service with great in-house support that they can replicate over and over again to achieve their ambitious growth plans without overheads,” said Máté Kun, co-founder of Growth Kitchen. “Their delivery revenue is already stable throughout the year and we were able to offer them a scalable growth plan — based on data — that will result in lower costs, higher order volume, and faster and more consistent delivery that will ultimately generate more revenue. We can’t wait to help The Athenian take the brand to the next level, elevating the street market food concept as the street food of the new age.”