Rent a Kitchen

We’re excited to learn about your business and share how you can rent one of our kitchens. After an initial 30-min video call, we’d be delighted to organise a site tour.

Deliver some of our brands from your kitchen.

It’s like adding multiple new restaurants to your existing one. Same staff, same space, same equipment; but extra revenues


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Bermondsey Hub

  • The Athenian

    Authentic Greek gyros, souvlaki and wraps

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  • Tortilla menu


    Traditional Mexican tortillas, burritos and tacos

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  • Popeyes

    True American burgers, fried chicken and mac&cheese

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  • Kricket

    Modern Indian inspired cooking with authentic curry

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  • Aoki

    Classic Japanese sushi, rolls and ramen

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  • GODO

    Delicious variety of Italian pasta served in unique glass jars

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Deliver where there’s appetite.