Hi there 👋, meet the new Growth Kitchen

Today we are launching our new look. We’ve loved introducing you to Growth Kitchen and, although we felt our brand spoke to our premium kitchens, we knew our look and feel could do a better job of representing the incredible digital tools we have developed, and better demonstrate the broader proposition we offer to the amazing food brands we’re working with and how we’re partnering with them to change the way they scale, forever.

Our food brands are bold and bring exciting delivery-optimised cuisines to our living rooms, no matter where we live. The recipe for them is simple, provide the ultimate food experience and deliver it more sustainably where customers have appetite.

To reflect the bold, ambitious brands we’re working with our brand also has to be bold. We are challenging the way restaurant businesses — who want to stay relevant in a world of on-demand convenience and food delivery — must look. Where they can scale super fast, just like a SaaS company, despite being in the physical domain and our new identity is symbolic of how we are leading the charge for change for our partners.

Delivering growth

We’ve always known that finding the right locations for delivery kitchens was key to scaling successfully. At the same time, in order for them to be running at the top of their game, restaurants need effective analytics that pull in customer tastes so they can keep on track. That’s why we’ve taken out the guesswork with our technology and data insights. We wanted to show just how easy it is to make the complex simple and the unknown known. We make growth with delivery a low-risk reality and we needed a better way to show that.

Collaborating on success

We understand that our success is nothing without the success of our restaurant partners. That’s why we wanted a straightforward way of expressing our commitment to providing operations our restaurant partners can trust, how we collaborate with our food brands to create the right fit for their businesses and goals, as well as a transparent dedication to building hubs that create the right environment for staff, riders and management teams alike — where our brands can thrive in every GK location. That’s right. Every location. No excuses.

Growing a team

In order to create our food revolution where people can eat well in minutes, we knew we were going to have to create a movement, from now into the future, transitioning from how things have always been done, to how we believe they should be done. We wanted to explore a brand with values that would allow us to show how we’re empowering our team on this journey.

We create an experience that restaurants can count on. Things don’t always go well, but our mutual understanding always leads things in a positive direction.

Learn together
We know we don’t know everything, that’s the nature of what we are trying to achieve. But we’re happy to learn together, every day and that’s something we can count on.

Owners, not renters
We are growing something for the future that is going to change the future, each owning short term goals that will ensure long term gain.

Pull the weight together
As a growing, ambitious company, we need to all work towards the same goal. Priorities shift and we all chip in.

In the spirit of this new look and feel, we are ready to go ALL IN and will continue to provide next-level service and innovation for our food brands. This also feels like a great moment to thank those loyal partners who have joined us on this joint vision and journey so far. Thank you all for coming along for the ride with us to revolutionise the way the world eats.