Impress your Valentine’s Day crush with a killer menu this year without breaking the bank or making a mess of the kitchen… while amping up the ‘chill’ factor in ’Netflix and chill’. Our delivery kitchen network is helping top restaurants reach customers where they are so they can up their takeout meal selection this Valentine’s.

Why delivery kitchens have made takeout so much better than it was even two years ago

Ordering in is nothing new, but how the world eats that takeout has changed dramatically. The fast-growing food-delivery ecosystem is a far cry from the days when getting a takeaway was a choice of Chinese or pizza. The trend towards convenience has doubled down in light of easy-to-use food delivery apps and was further accelerated by lockdowns and the surge of people relocating from cities to more suburban and rural areas who still demand the same good-quality food wherever they are. If the people are no longer coming to the restaurant then the restaurant needs to come to them.

The last two years have seen a major shift in how restaurants perceive delivery and its value-add to revenue realisation. It’s no longer seen as supplementing revenues but instead, a major revenue driver. It’s unsurprising then that delivery kitchen openings have become the norm and showing no signs of slowing down. Forward-thinking businesses are prioritising their delivery network which means that mealtime got a whole lot more interesting for everyone!

We’ve taken a look at the food that’s been trending over the last year in our first delivery kitchen Hub in Balham, London so when you’re choosing your slap-up meal, you know you’re onto a winner with your surprise Valentine’s eats.

Top 5 eats for Valentine’s Day

  1. Tortilla’s Grilled Chicken Burrito

  2. Coqfighter’s Original Burger

  3. Dickie’s Dripping Chips with Poutine

  4. The Athenian Chicken Gyros Wrap

  5. Tai Kitchen’s Pad Thai (FOR LIFE)

Tortilla’s Grilled Chicken Burrito

This signature dish from Tortilla comes highly recommended by the customers who ordered from our hub. The toasted flour tortilla wrap packed with your choice of tasty rice, beans, protein and fresh salsas, including their famous hand-smashed guacamole, is perfect for when you want to spice things up!

“The food is great—best burrito you can have!”

“Really yummy—have missed burritos so much! These are the best.”

“First time trying a burrito and guacamole, I was very amazed, it was absolutely delicious and I will order again to try tacos for the first time too.”

Coqfighter’s Original Burger

Voted Deliveroo restaurant of the year, 2021, Coqfighter’s unique East meets West take on fried chicken, could be the perfect choice for London’s fried chicken fans who want big flavour for the big night. The Orginal Burger boasts succulent fried chicken thigh, pink pickled onion, sambal mayo, Korean hot sauce, and shredded iceberg lettuce, and customers buying out of our Hub in Balham can’t get enough…

“Unbelievable chicken burger. Best I’ve had, ever.”

“Honestly, best fried chicken in London.”

“Coqfighter is the ultimate fried chicken, perfect blend of textures, flavours, it’s sooo good. My wife would never order fried chicken normally, and she absolutely loves Coqfighter. Also, they use chicken thigh in their burgers, which is a million times better than breast. I love it!”

Dickie’s Dripping Chips with Poutine

For extra flavour and crunch this Valentine’s, Deliveroo Best Newcomer Finalist 2021, Dickie’s ‘Dripping Chips’ deliver their promise of plating up rich and meaty gravy with loadsa cheese. No doubt people will be ordering this side of Hoffman’s potatoes, cooked in beef dripping and seasoned with salt and a spritz of malt vinegar alongside their bold burgers made using prime steak cuts and bone marrow all from the Hawksmoor legend Richard H. Turner… What’s not to love!?

“Great chips, super hot and crispy!”

“Mouthwatering! Great quality. Stands above the rest. Worth every penny. Will def be ordering again.”

“Love love love this food x”

“Next level food and quality! Personal feel and delicious! Very pleased!”

“Fantastic food, great value. Highly recommend.”

“Such tasty, high-quality food and super friendly note from the team each time. 🥰”

“This was tasty AF!”

The Athenian Chicken Gyros Wrap

Why go all the way to romantic Athens when The Athenian can come to you?! The Greek restaurant which serves a range of delicious wraps and authentic souvlaki was named the best in the UK at the Deliveroo Restaurant Awards in 2021. The Chicken Gyros marinated in Greek herbs, halloumi fries and olive oil are served inside their Greek handmade pita and it’s little wonder they are so good with reviews like these:

“That chicken gyros is the best thing on Deliveroo…..”

“The chips were perfectly spiced and seasoned and added to the overall flavour of the wrap—I particularly enjoyed the tenderness of the chicken and for a first-time customer, I will be returning!”

“Great healthy grub.”

Tai Kitchen’s Vegan Tofu Pad Thai (FOR LIFE)

Put your heart and soul into your dinner date, or at least the food with southern Thai takeout food for that’s good for the planet, communities and the soul from Tai Kitchen. What makes their sustainable pad thai so good? We think it’s got a lot to do with their delicious homemade tamarind sauce, super fresh ingredients, as well as the fact that they give 50p to their partner charity, FOR LIFE Thailand for each plate made, making it an especially good dish. Plus, it’s 100% vegan and delicious!

“A perfect example of a very well executed no cutting corners Thai cuisine. I would definitely recommend!”

“This is the best Thai delivery I’ve had in London. Really excellent!”

“This has to be the best Thai takeaway I’ve ever ordered from Deliveroo and I try different places every time because I’m always underwhelmed. I also really appreciated the commitment to sustainability and everything was delivered hot. Highly recommend! Thank you Tai!”

So if you’d rather be spending all your time with your crush this Valentine’s, rather than gazing at the oven, keeping it simple with good-quality takeout could score you all the points with much less effort—leaving you plenty of time to chill.

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