Unlocking the potential of restaurant brands in delivery: Join the Growth Kitchen Revolution

The advent of Artificial Intelligence and the maturity of food delivery opened up a huge growth opportunity for established restaurant brands. For the first time ever, it is now possible to reach millions of new customers you could never reach before.

Virtual brands have started to leverage this opportunity and to inundate delivery apps. However, consumers don’t like them. As a matter of fact, Uber Eats has recently shut down thousands of virtual brands on its platform

Established restaurant brands are loved by customers across the UK, and most of them have not yet seized the opportunity to go and serve these customers, missing out on billions of potential delivery sales. Bold first movers have seen tremendous results, adding £10m+ sales within months.  

Don’t let soulless virtual brands take your place. Consumers deserve better. You are missing out on 10s of millions of delivery sales, and you should consider capturing this opportunity before it’s too late.

The Challenge: Limited growth opportunities & lack of control

Growing a restaurant brand while maintaining brand consistency and reputation is tough.

Doing so organically provides a deep sense of control over the brand, but requires an enormous amount of time and resources to deploy, from heavy capital investments to the sizeable liabilities that come with operating traditional restaurants directly. In turn, ambitious restaurant brands typically grow with a traditional franchising model: partnering up with a number of franchisees, or one master franchisor, who will take on the capital investment and liabilities that come with opening new brick & mortar sites. 

However, with a traditional franchising model, expansion is often confined to the most densely populated urban areas. While these markets can be lucrative, they represent only a fraction of the potential customer base. 

In addition, managing a network of franchisees to ensure that the brand’s standard operating procedures are enforced requires significant effort and diligence. Although the brand typically has strong contractual rights to control its destiny, in reality, it heavily relies on the ability of franchisees to execute at the right standards.

The Opportunity: the advent of AI & the maturity of food delivery

There’s good news. The maturity of food delivery services has unlocked enormous growth opportunities:

  • Until very recently, food delivery services were only present in large cities. Food delivery platforms are now present in the vast majority of small & mid sized towns, providing infrastructure that can be leveraged by restaurant brands.
  • These small & mid sized cities are vastly underserved. People in these areas are craving for more exciting options.
  • Yet these areas often lack the demand to justify traditional models like dedicated brick-and-mortar sites or dark kitchens.

This is a multi billion pound opportunity for established restaurant brands.

In addition, Artificial Intelligence, built and deployed well, ensures low defect rates, and consistent levels of quality across a wide network of operators, even during busy periods. It can also support maximising sales & profits by determining the most efficient pricing and marketing campaigns to run in a given location for a given brand. 

The Solution: Expanding without boundaries through Growth Kitchens

Our AI-driven platform unlocks the full potential of established restaurant brands with delivery. We orchestrate an ecosystem of restaurant brands, kitchen operators, food suppliers, and delivery service providers:

  • Restaurant brands: we partner with growing, proven fast casual or quick service restaurant brands, who are looking to build their brand and delivery footprint without compromising on quality. Partnering with Growth Kitchen, they benefit from our delivery expertise & scale, and  outsource the acquisition & management of a network of operators while receiving royalties. 
  • Kitchen operators, or “Growth kitchens: high quality commercial kitchen operators that we turn into AI-powered kitchens, able to cook several brands with high levels of accuracy. Our Growth Kitchen operators cook our franchised brands on top of their own, bypassing the need for fully dedicated operations, and distribute them on food delivery apps, such as Uber Eats. 
  • Food suppliers: our scale and network effects allow us to build privileged relationships with national suppliers and distributors. This means that we are able to drive lower COGS and a more efficient supply chain than what a brand could achieve alone.  
  • Delivery service providers: we have built privileged relationships with third party delivery apps, as well as expertise around strategies and tactics to maximise sales and profitable marketing.

This is all underpinned by Artificial Intelligence, proprietary technology, tools & processes that allow us to maximise sales, monitor & maintain quality & brand consistency and maintain a resilient supply chain across the Growth Kitchen network. Our partner brand standards & operational KPIs are kept on par with the brands’ directly operated locations.

The future is bright

We are on the brink of a revolution in the way people eat. Food delivery volumes still only represent a tiny fraction of food consumption. That’s because it’s still too expensive for the value it provides. As we’re able to increase value by bringing great brands to more neighbourhoods, and drive lower prices through technology & supply chain aggregation, we will accelerate that adoption of food delivery.

Successful restaurant brands must adopt strategies to remain relevant and win in the space. Don’t let soulless virtual brands take your place. Consumers deserve better.

Embrace the future of delivery with Growth Kitchen and unlock the potential of millions of new customers across the UK. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help achieve this.